How I Started Hanging out with Home

Space Popular solo exhibition at MAGAZIN in Vienna explores a future where buildings take on human features as a result of increasing agency in domestic appliances.

 LocationMAGAZIN, Vienna, Austria
 Type Exhibition
 Year April 14, 2018 - June 16, 2018
 SPOPeople Lara Lesmes, Fredrik Hellberg
 Curator Jerome Becker, Matthias Moroder, Clemens Nocker, Florian Schafschetzy and Eva Sommeregger.
 Photography Eva Sommeregger

If buildings become robots and robots become humans, how human will our buildings be? Buildings already move and speak to us, they make decisions based on input data. With artificial intelligence at our doorstep and ever more efficient and affordable technology, will buildings soon be conscious entities? What will their minds and bodies be like? How will we relate to them? Will they be our companion? Will they look or talk like us? How will anthropomorphism influence architecture?

The installation explores these questions through a series architectural elements, such as a portal and a column carrying formal and behavioural anthropomorphic features; and a domestic vacuum cleaning robot displaying human-like behaviour through motion and judgement. Together they create and inhabit space at once. They embody the room they are in, surrounding us whilst making us feel we are intruding. The presence of another -even if that other is not a living or even a physical thing- changes our behaviour, leading us to meet, engage and exchange.

As our speakers read our emails, our doors lock themselves and or washing machines tell us how dirty or clean we are, conscious architecture is coming. Whether if physical or virtual, actual or imagined, we wonder what will it look like, how will we communicate with us and how close will our bond be.

Photograph by Eva Sommeregger

Photograph by Eva Sommeregger
3D scan of the exhibition by Cenk Güzelis

Full elevation of main fabric mural exhibiting five of the anthropomorphic characters. 

Scene One

Scene Two

Scene Three

Scene Four

Photograph by Eva Sommeregger

Photograph by Eva Sommeregger

Photograph by Moritz Ellmann


Poster for the exhibition produced by the gallery.