Space Popular is a multidisciplinary design and research practice Founded/directed by Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg. Space Popular makes architecture, products, graphics, interfaces and research. 

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Founders & Directors



 Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg are graduates from the Architectural Association in London and founded Space Popular in Bangkok in 2013. The practice has since completed built projects both in Asia and Europe and participated in a wide range of international competitions. In 2011 they joined INDA, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok where they were both 2nd and 3rd year coordinators respectively from 2013 to 2016 where they were an integrated part of making the program one of the strongest undergraduate programs in South East Asia. They have lead a wide range of research projects and workshops in Europe and Asia and have through their design and research studio Tools for Architecture investigated topics such as masonry structures, space of political debate, renewable materials and virtual architecture. In the fall of 2016 they launched Tools for Architecture at the Architectural Association in London where they are unit masters of Intermediate One where second and third year students explore experience driven design methods. 


  Ludvig Holmen 
Daniel Tayar-Watson 
Max Celar
Cristina Díaz Moreno, Amid.Cero9
Efren Garcia Grinda, Amid.Cero9
Grace Suthata Jiranuntarat
Pla Kornkamon Kaewprasert, MadeofTWo
Pu Kanyaphorn Kaewprasert, MadeofTWo 
Pik Prapasri  Khunakridatikarn
Nikki Nicha Kiatfuengfoo
Nuknik Thanaporn Lam
Baibua Wachira Leangtanom
Tang Jenwit Narukatpichai
Not Varis Niwatsakul
A Jariyaporn Prachasartta
Jet Jetana Ruangjun
Jay Veerasu  Saetae
Nonae Nutcha Somboonthanasarn
Joy Natapa Sriyuksiri
Top Tachapol Tanaboonchai
Tijn van de Wijdeven

 MaxCristina Efren Fredrik Grace Pla Pu Pik Nuknik Baibua Lara Tang Nott A  JET Jay Joy Top Tijn  
2017 - The Glass ChainX  X      X         
2017 - Hilma af Klint Museum   X      X         
2016 - Örebro Water Resevoir      X         X   X     X  X          
2016 - Träbågen, Skellefteå  
  X   X X X X   X     X            
2016 - Santa Barbera Houses      X             X     X            
2016 - Infinity Spa      X X X  X       X     X       X    
2016 - Fastrak      X             X     X            
2015 - Wonder Fruit Soi Stage      X             X     X     X   X  
2015 - VIA A66      X   X X       X     X            
2015 - The First Collection      X X  X X       X     X       X    
2015 - Livet På Bergs      X             X X   X X          
2015 - Kazymierzowsky Rebound      X       X   X X                  
2014 - Stone Pilgrims      X   X         X     X            
2014 - National Pantheon of Kazakhstan      X X         X X               X  
2014 - MAK      X             X                  
2013 - Vaults of Pulp      X   X X        X     X            
2013 - The Cloud of Resilience      X X X X       X    X       X        
2013 - Rosendals Trädgård      X   X X       X X   X            
2013 - House of Fairytales      X             X                  
2013 - Gluten Plastic      X   X X       X X   X            
2013 - Collider Activity Center  X X X             X                  
2012 - Macau Meta Realities      X             X   X       X        
2012 - Live.Make Industrial Arts Center      X             X                  
2011 - The Second Community  X X X                                
2011 - iPINK  X X               X                  
2010 - Serafina                    X                  
2010 - Japanese Ornaments      X                                
2010 - Japanese Embassy - London      X                                
2010 - Drawing A Kimono      X                                
2009 - Hoover Dam                    X                  
2008 - The Althing Hotel      X                                
2007 - Manhattan Oneirocritica      X