A selection of projects by Space Popular compiled for Serpentine Gallery digital curator team Ben Vickers & Kay Watson. Clicking on embedded links will take you to a public and extended page describing the project. 
  updated 2017-05-09

Selection of projects relating to Virtual/Mixed reality produced by practice - Space Popular

Space Popular's vision for a multidimensional memorial in Cubryna Park in Warzaw 
Augmentations of The Pavilion. There are at least 5 known version of Palac Kazimierzowski ranging from early Baroque versions dating from the 17th century to mid 20th century Neoclassical variants. We propose to have the footprint of all versions as a steel-plate contour in the ground and an a virtual reality augmentation to be experienced on site via different devices. 

Colorful alloy structure partially outlining the mid 17th century Palac Kazimierzowsky.
Stone piece recovered from the Vistula river supported by the aluminium alloy structure. 
Virtual reality reconstructions of the palace displaying corinthian capitals from the late neoclassical variant, visualized through VR devices.

Space Popular proposal for a global mortality rate database and new way to experience and process death on a fully virtual platform.  

The Cloud of Resilience is both a database where global mortality rates can be visualized and explored and a virtual platform for the keeping and remembering of the dead. Nearly 100 people die every minute. That makes almost 2 deaths per second. Geolocated and offset according to time, such data would generate a point-cloud of varying densities, revealing the outlines of the most populated places on earth. If we apply a death-rate filter to a given instant in history, we could visualize war, starvation, pandemics or other mass fatalities taking place in the timeframe selected. 

Academic briefs/workshops and student work from the Architectural Association in London and from INDA Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok run by Space Popular's Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg currently teaching an intermediate unit at the Architectural Association titled Tools for Architecture. Work at TFA aims to develop new architectural design methods driven by the psychology of spatial perception. 

Research and design unit at the Architectural Associations  
Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg presents the coming year of INTER.ONE - Tools for Architecture to prospective students at the Intermediate presentations on the 27th of September 2017. More information at

Motion capture experiments for mixed reality avatars - Max Celar
Physical boundaries in virtual space - Max Celar
Space of Awe - Frank Quek
Elements of the Void - Gigi Wong
Overlapping realities - Max Celar
The Dynamic Wall - Ping Ping Lu

Full brief for Intermediate unit One at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London directed by Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg

SOCIAL RIFTING (workshop) - 2015 
10 day workshop in Bangkok with Nandi Nobell and Mond Qu exploring social and physical interaction in Virtual Worlds   

Teaching Archive 2011-2016
Student work from 2011-2016 at INDA in Bangkok 
A compilation of work from Space Popular founders Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg's architecture students from 2011 until 2016 at INDA in Bangkok. 

Projects for galleries, institution, music festivals etc that all explore the relationship between surface and virtual content. Examples show virtual content printed on glass, fabric and plastics as well as projected with light. 

The Glass Chain - 2017 
Work in progress for and installation commissioned by Sto Werkstatt in London. Motives below will be printed on glass using ceramic ink. Private view 15 June 2017.

Portland Place Out of Character - 2017 
Space Popular's interprets the many faces of the RIBA HQ in London

Space Popular and AA.INTER.ONE's design for the annual Christmas part at the Architectural Association School of Architecture

Soi Stage - WonderFruit Festival - 2015
BANG BANG COLLECTIVE / Space Popular / Issue Fashion for a music festival stage in Thailand.