Space Popular is an art and architecture studio that explores the future of spatial experience through research, design, and artworks. The studio is directed by Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg.


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VMSPACE - 2023-04-13

On Virtual Space, Architecture, and Publicity: ‘Space Popular: Search History’

Yaelim Youn

Dezeen - 2023-01-06

Space Popular reinterprets Aldo Rossi's architectural theories for the metaverse

Amy Frearson

ArchDaily - 2023-01-16

Space Popular Adapts Aldo Rossi’s Concepts of Urbanism to the Virtual Realms of the Metaverse

Maria-Cristina Florian

Baumeister - 2023-01-04


Von Ute Strimmer

Stirworld - 2022-12-09

Space Popular: Search History' is the fifth edition of MAXII’s 'Studio Visit' series

Aaryaa Joshi

Wallpaper - 2022-12-08

Alcantara and Maxxi present Space Popular’s ‘Search History’, exploring the work of Aldo Rossi

Martha Elliott

Interni Magazine - 2022-11-19

Space Popular Revisits Aldo Rossi

Claudia Foresti

Architonic - 2022-09-26

‘Surfaces define our visual experience of space and experience of place’: Space Popular

Simon Keane-Cowell

Interni Magazine - 2022-08-22

Space Popular: the Portal Galleries in London

Claudia Foresti

The Guardian - 2022-07-08

‘Portals will be as important as the car’: the architects exploring gateways to new dimensions

Oliver Wainwright

Frame Magazine - 2022-07-15

Virtual Reality Gets A Tactile Counterpart At A Phygital Space Popular Exhibition

Lauren Grace Morris

RIBAj - 2022-07-11

Gateways to other worlds

Pamela Buxton

Design Unlimited - 2022-07-10

Blending physical space with the virtual: Space Popular

Liana Kuyumcuyan

AZURE Magazine - 2022-06-27

A London Exhibition Considers the Role of Portals in Virtual Reality — and IRL

Drew Zeiba

Frame Magazine - 2022-06-08

This Immersive Film Explores How The Metaverse Will Shape Our Domestic Lives

Kayla Dowling

Interni Magazine - 2022-06-07

Space Popular: How Will we Live?

Elisa Massoni

StirWorld - 2022-06-07

Space Popular’s film ‘The Global Home’ merges homes with immersive internet

Zohra Khan

On Design Podcast - 2022-03-15

Fredrik Hellberg on Space Popular and the Metaverse

Justyna Green

Scaffold Podcast - 2022-02-11

Episode 58: Space Popular 

Matthew Blunderfield

Dezeen - 2021-11-08

Space Popular sets out its vision for digital portals made of virtual textiles

Marcus Fairs

Dezeen - 2021-11-08

Ten projects involving colourful textiles designed by Space Popular

Lizzie Crook

L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui - 2021-09-20

Brick Vault House, From Standardisation To Craftsmanship

Léa Balmy

Revista PLOT - 2021-05-04

The Timber Hearth

Florencia Medina

Art4D - 2021-05-03

Infinity Wellbeing

Pratchayapol Lertwicha

Azure Magazine - 2021-04-29

How London’s Space Popular Mines Architecture’s Potential — Both IRL and URL

Drew Zeiba

ArchDaily - 2021-03-04

Infinity Wellbeing Spa Bangkok / Space Popular

Paula Pintos


Space Popular gives Bangkok a new spa treatment

Rachel Lee-Leong

Wallpaper - 2020-12-18

Space Popular’s Bangkok spa blends luxury and tranquillity

Clare Dowd

Frame Magazine - 2020-11-17

Why do virtual spaces always mimic the real world? (Hint: it’s not because designers are lazy)

Tracey Ingram

Dezeen - 2020-11-13

Space Popular uses green tones throughout Infinity Wellbeing spa in Bangkok

Natasha Levy 

Stir World - 2020-11-05

An architectural conference in VR by Space Popular reflects virtual togetherness

Zohra Khan

Dezeen - 2020-11-03

Space Popular designs world's first VR architecture conference as alternative to "boring" Zoom talks 

Marcus Fairs

Revista PLOT - 2020-09-08

Brick Vault House

Florencia Medina

Elle Decor - 2020-05-06

A Seaside Home in Valencia That’s Easy to Assemble Without Breaking the Bank

Elisa Zagaria

Metropolis Magazine - 2020-04-12

New Talent: Space Popular Mines the Distant Past and Imminent Future

Alice Bucknell

Dezeen - 2020-04-20

Swapping video calls for VR will change our homes forever says Space Popular

Amy Frearson

Dezeen 2020-04-11

Space Popular launches virtual reality art gallery

India Block

ArchDaily - 2020-04-09

Brick Vault House / Space Popular

Paula Pintos

Architectural Record - 2020-04-04

Design Vanguard 2020: Space Popular

Miriam Sitz

Stir World - 2020-03-28

Space Popular explores the evolution of architectural styles at RIBA, London

Zohra Khan 

Metropolis - 2020-03-11

From the Printing Press to Pinterest, Surveying Mass Media’s Influence on Architecture

Jason Sayer

Stir World - 2020-03-11

Green steel grid embraces the Brick Vault House by Space Popular in Valencia, Spain

Zohra Khan 

Architects' Journal - 2020-03-10

Space Popular completes Spanish space-frame prototype house

Fran Williams

Dezeen - 2020-03-09

Space Popular presents six projects that challenge the physical and virtual future of architecture

Amy Frearson

The Architects Newspaper - 2020-03-05

Space Popular showcases 500 years of architectural media at RIBA with VR

Drew Zeiba

RIBAj - 2020-03-03

The media: architecture’s influential friend

Pamela Buxton

Dezeen - 2020-03-01

Space Popular's Brick Vault House slots into slender green grid

Lizzie Crook 

Wallpaper - 2020-02-27

RIBA explores architectural adventures in mass media

Clare Dowdy

The Guardian - 2020-02-27

Know what an ogee is? Architecture translated for the TikTok age

Oliver Wainwright

ICON - 2020-02-27

Freestyle and Forms of Industry: two new exhibitions open at RIBA

Peter Smisek

Architectural Digest - 2020-02-27

500 Years of Architectural Styles Come to Life at RIBA

Hongmiao Shi

DesignBoom - 2020-02-25

Space Popular Forms Valencia's Brick Vault House With A Modular, Bright Green Grid

Juliana Neira

AN Interior - 2020-02-25

Power to the Grid

Jason Sayer

The Guardian - 2020-02-19

Half house, half tent: the startling Spanish villa that breaks all the rules

Oliver Wainwright

Maja Eesti Arhitektuuri Ajakiri - 2020-01-15

An Interview With Avatars

Johan Tali

Stir World - 2020-01-11

Space Popular's 'Gate of Bright Lights' in Seoul is a portal into the digital future

Zohra Khan 

Dezeen - 2019-11-26

Gate of Bright Lights by Space Popular is a portal to a digital world

India Block

Wallpaper - 2019-11-07

Architects explore urbanism, heritage and power at Deoksugung Palace in Seoul

Harriet Thorpe

Elle Decor - 2019-10-03

Space Popular: The Architects Designing An Internet To Inhabit

Salvatore Peluso

Metropolis - 2018-11-19

This Kaleidoscopic Exhibition Explores How Augmented Reality Will Alter Buildings, IRL and via URL

George Kafka

Domus - 2018-10-08

Value in the virtual. Designing the unbuilt

Giovanni Comoglio

The Architects Newspaper - 2018-09-19

Augmented environments come alive in a riotous exhibition in Stockholm

Björn Ehrlemark 

ArchDaily - 2018-06-21

This Concept Uses a Pre-Fabricated Timber System to Enable Modern, Self-Built Homes

Jack McManus

Frame Magazine - 2018-05-24

How design is responding to wellness trends

Jane Szita

INDESIGNLIVE - 2018-04-12

Can glass be a window to a virtual world?

Rebecca Gross

Frame Magazine - 2018-01-13

New technologies redefine glass in Space Popular installation

Leina Godin

ArchDaily - 2017-11-13

Architecture Is Moving Into a Realm Where History Plays as Much a Part as Medium

Timothy Brittain-Catlin

ArchDaily - 2017-09-17

Space Popular Reignite the Concerns of "The Glass Chain" Letters By Way of Virtual Reality

AD Editorial Team

Architectural Digest India - 2017-07-20

Here’s what living inside a kaleidoscopic glass house looks like

Vilani Senthamil

RIBAj - 2017-07-17

Come inside the kaleidoscope

Pamela Buxton

Dezeen - 2017-01-26

Turquoise paintwork and wire-frame furniture enliven Bangkok spa by Space Popular

Jessica Mairs