2015 - Wonder Fruit Soi Stage

Soi Stage - WonderFruit Festival

A collaboration with BANG BANG COLLECTIVE / Space Popular / Issue Fashion

Bang Bang Collective's design for the Soi Stage at Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand 2015







Pattaya - Thailand

Stage Design



Lara Lesmes, Joy Natapa Sriyuksiri, Tijn van de Wijdeven, Fredrik Hellberg

Inspired by temporary Chinese opera stages Space Popular founders Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg worked under the name "BANG BANG COLLECTIVE" together with architects  Joy Natapa Sriyuksiri Tijn van de Wijdeven and Thai fashion brand Issue to create this stage for music events at the annual Wonder Fruit Festival in Thailand. The thin metal structure held a series of fabric frames all printed with virtual content and together forming a visual experience of depth though the flattened motives of columns and roofs.