2015 - Digital Stereotomy

Digital Stereotomy

Frouth Year Studio at INDA. Chulalongkorn Unviversity Bangkok 

directed by Lara Lesmes

The studio focuses on Stone Masonry and Stereotomy.

Masonry is the building of structures from individual units that are shaped and laid in so as to stand up against gravity. Stereotomy is is the set of geometrical knowledge and techniques of drawing and cutting the blocks of stone and their assembly into complex structures (vault, arch, dome, etc.) related to architectural construction.

The aim of the studio is to design architectural demos or pilot structures for touristic purposes to display the qualities of new masonry systems derived from historical precedents in locations where stone extraction plays a significant role. The studio will focus on the study of stone architecture in order to understand how structural principles respond to form and vice-versa and how the design of individual pieces can implement the structure   The studio will emphasize on physical and digital modelling tools. Physical modelling will include foam, wood and stone in order to test the performance of form, weight and texture successively. Digital modelling will include Rhinoceros (+ plugins), Autodesk FEA Simulation Mechanical and Cinema 4D  in order to understand and represent how form and piece-to-whole relationships can be implemented to improve structural performance.   Students will develop masonry kits based on different structural principles from historical precedents to later summarize them into a display structure to be manufactured, assembled and displayed on a location where the type of stone used by the student is available.